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Banner Website Research Study The goals of this study are dual in nature. The first is to determine what type of protective measures for witnesses, whistleblowers, and other reporting persons would be the most effective when implemented in small island States. The second involves determining how to encourage a person to report in the first place, whether that means providing testimony in court or reporting corruption in a public office. Declaration-of-Asset Rebuilding Sint Maarten after Hurricane Irma

The SIDS Anti-Corruption Research Platform

The Global SIDS Platform is an anti-corruption research platform for Small Island Developing States (SIDS).  This platform is aimed at triggering research opportunities, sharing and networking amongst SIDS as well as driving for anti-corruption coalition in such states.

SIDS are inherently constrained by a number of physical factors such as size, economic conditions, amongst others.  Owing to such challenges, advocating for similar anti-corruption measures like in other parts of the world is not necessarily the right solution.

As such, SIDS could strengthen their anti-corruption bedrock through harnessing the anti-corruption capabilities of similar states. The essence of the SIDS platform is to trigger meaningful research on corruption and related issues.

At the Third United Nations Conference on SIDS in Apia Samoa in 2014, it was decided to hold a dedicated event, in 2015, to empower SIDS to establish a set of principles to guide sustainable anti-corruption reform for SIDS. Thus in 2015, the Global SIDS Conference on anti-corruption reforms was organised in Mauritius.

Further, at its sixth session, held in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation in November 2015, the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption adopted the resolution 6/9, “Strengthening the implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption in small island developing States” ( whereby Mauritius would host an on-line research platform for Small Island Developing States (SIDS). The ICAC Mauritius has worked collaboratively with the UNODC for the setting up of the SACRP. Thus, this SIDS Anti-Corruption Research Platform (SACRP) website has been developed.