An Assessment of the Anti- Corruption Commission

2017-08-20T18:24:33+04:00August 20th, 2017|Maldives, Publication|

Executive Summary   The current Anti-Corruption Commission of Maldives was established in 2008 as an independent body enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Maldives and established by an Anti-Corruption Act. The Commission is tasked to promote integrity, prevent and combat corruption in all spheres of the State. The Commission is accountable [...]

Corruption Perception Survey

2017-08-20T18:18:00+04:00August 20th, 2017|Maldives, Publication|

Abstract The Anti-Corruption Commission is established under the new Constitution of the Republic of Maldives in 2008, as an independent legal entity. It is mandated to investigate offences of corruption, conduct research, to promote the values of honesty and integrity in the operations of the State, to promote public awareness about the dangers [...]

Understanding Bid Processing Issues in Public Institutions

2017-08-20T17:31:49+04:00August 20th, 2017|Maldives, Publication|

Abstract This research is based on samples of ongoing and concluded investigation of bids related cases that falls against selected government institutions during 2014. The focus of the paper is centered on bid related issues which is one of the most commonly identified complaints lodged at the Commission. The main objective of this [...]