This research is based on samples of ongoing and concluded investigation of bids related cases that falls against selected government institutions during 2014. The focus of the paper is centered on bid related issues which is one of the most commonly identified complaints lodged at the Commission. The main objective of this study is to ascertain the risks of corruption that are closely associated with financial transactions and selected administrative processes subject to bids processes. In terms of cases lodged to the Commission, procurement related cases are at the highest which is known to profoundly affect bid processing related transactions. Procurement issues reflecting bidding processes are extremely significant for high risk corruption opportunities to set in. Therefore, the need to promote integrity and professionalism at government institutions is vital to practice the dynamics of Ethics and Integrity in order to regulate accountability and responsiveness of a public finance system.

Specific to examining the bid processing issues, the areas covered under this paper include receivable of bids, opening and evaluation of bids, the challenges and problems associated with related issues, severe red flags, corruption risks and ways of addressing the issues. Additionally, the paper also highlights on strategies to reduce intentional or inadvertent unlawful acts.

In conclusion this research addresses and provide instructions to the insights of the, underlying causes behind the commonly identified bid processing issues. Whilst emphasize is extensively made on the fraudulent activities engaged in bid processing, this paper also provides discussion on the importance of promoting integrity and professionalism to follow best practices in delivery of services that adds quality to strengthen governance mechanisms in the government establishments.

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